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>gKenpon Hokke Shu enshrined pharmacist Buddha, the goddess of children, and the god of harvest, etc. with Gohonzon 100 years ago. Originally, they are near not a pure Nichiren Buddhism but Tendai sect. It is near Tendai sect. And, it is a religion newly made. Therefore, the member will receive the influence biased very unstably.h

Is this a comment from HBS's priest? If so, he is a boaster. Kempon Hokke shu prohibited any temples strictly from enshrining gods and devas 100 years ago, and criticised Nichiren shu which continued to enshrine gods and devas.

At first, HBS is a new sect, a believer's group which was independent from Honmon Hokke Shu(Hokke Shu Honmon ryu) in 1946. HBS insists on stupid doctrine that say Daimoku is a secret law which had been practiced by the Buddha Sakyamuni. They don't believe the eternal Buddha Sakyamuni. HBS also inherits this doctrine. And HBS says that you can get benefits if you practice Daimoku and adore Gohonzon of Daimoku. So HBS says that you don't have to read the Lotus sutra, that you need not understand the chapter 16. Also HBS says that you need not study any Buddhism. HBS insists that this is the true Nichiren's doctrine, and says that other sects are wrong.

Do you believe it? If you believe HBS's doctrine, you can not learn the true Buddhism.

HBS does not understand Nichiren's doctrine at all. HBS does not understand the significance of Daimoku entrusted by the eternal Buddha Sakyamuni. HBS does not follow the teachings of the Buddha Sakyamuni at all. Do you think that HBS is Buddhism which has been preached by the Buddha Sakyamuni?

Please read Nichiren's many works. Nichiren shonin quoted and respected a lot of explanations by Tendai(Chih-i) daishi. Because Tendai daishi had excellent judgment about the Lotus sutra. Then Nichiren shonin added his opinion as the original disciple of the eternal Buddha Sakyamuni. Tendai daishi preached the Lotus sutra as a standpoint of Sakumon. Nichiren preached it as a stand point of Honmon. It means that Tendai daishi pursued mainly wisdom of the Buddha as the truth of cosmos, and Nichiren shonin respected mainly the benevolence of the eternal Buddha Sakyamuni.

You should know that Nichiren shonin criticised Tendai sect because they abandoned teachings of Chih-i's and Dengyo's about the Lotus sutra. Nichiren shonin had not denied the doctrine of Tendai daishi. HBS insists that you should believe only Daimoku as a secret method for getting benefits. Kempon Hokke insists that you should inherit all of the Buddha Sakyamuni by keeping Daimoku.

I think you can judge which sect is superior.

I have to criticise their doctrine preached in his HBS network.

>The Shakyamuni Buddha was born approximately 2500 years ago, and preached the Lotus Sutra late in his later years. In the life-span of Tathagata (Buddha's life span is immeasurable, The Lotus Sutra, chapter 16), Buddha explains;people may think I reliquished my status as Prince, became a priest at age 19, and attained the state of enlightenment at 30, but my true form is the primordial Buddha in the remote past whose life is immortal.

No problem.

>The primordial session of the Lotus Sutra clarifies that Buddha Shakyamuni, who was embodied with eternal life, meaningful values, merits, and affection, will embrace the universe. In short, Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni is the life of the universe itself.

Nichiren shonin never say at all that the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni is the life of the universe itself. It is the same of the doctrine of SGI and a part of Nichiren shu that was influenced by Chuko tendai doctrine. They say that Namu Myoho renge kyo is the life of the universe itself. That is to say, it is the same doctrine of Singon shu which has been influenced by Brahmanism. Nichiren shonin said that the eternal Buddha Sakyamuni exists in your mind and this world. Because, Buddhism teaches that there is no difference between your mind and this world. Therefore,the eternal Buddha Sakyamuni manages your mind and the universe. Then Nichiren shonin and the Lotus sutra say that the eternal Buddha Sakyamuni in your mind has the truth of the universe, immeasurable wisdom and mercy.

>The Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni, who was to teach and guide all existing things, appeared in various places (lands) in the form of duplicate bodies as manifestations of his the original state. For example, Yakushi-nyorai (the Buddha of healing) and other Buddhas, which are the object of worship by other religious groups, are actually, duplicate bodies of Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni.

No problem.

>Nichiren Shonin said, gFrom eternity this world of ours is where the Buddha was responsible to aid the people. All things which exist in the vast univers, mountains, oceans, forests, grass lands etc., are the children of the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni."

Does anyone know that Nichiren shonin says that all things that exist in the vast universe are the children of the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni. I don't know. Nichiren shonin says that we are the children of the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni.

>What then is the Odaimoku (The sacred title of the Lotus Sutra)? It is the eternal law, known by HBS as the Odaimoku. The Odaimoku and the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni are identical.

Do you realize that HBS wants to say that the Buddha Shakyamuni differ from the eternal Buddha Sakaymuni? It is the same doctrine of SGI. They say that the eternal Buddha Shakyamuni is Daimoku not the Buddha Shakyamuni.

>HBS members do not verbally read the Sutra (the Lotus Sutra) in front of the altar. They mainly chant the Odaimoku. Motivated by the Honmon Happon (eight chapters) of the Lotus Sutra, Nichiren Shonin only taught and had spread the vital points of the Odaimoku based on the Honmon Happon (primordial eight chapters of the Lotus Sutra). The Lotus Sutra's 28 chapters are merely statements of virtues, and are like a list of benefits of a medical prescription only. The Odaimoku is the medicine itself. Medicine must be swollowed to be effective. Merely reading the Lotus Sutra is ineffective. One cannot receive religious merits and divine favors without chanting aloud the Odaimoku. For that reason, Nichiren Shonin said, gTo cherish the Lotus Sutra is fine, but respect only the Odaimoku. To read aloud other teachings will not be tolerated." Nichiren Shonin emphasized the chanting of the Odaimoku only.

Please read the chapter 16 and Nichirenfs true works correctly. It says that the Buddha Sakyamuni has revealed that he is the eternal Buddha himself. But HBS says that Daimoku is the eternal Buddha Shakyanumi, that the Buddha Shakyamuni is not the eternal Buddha. So, they deny the altar of Buddha Shakyanumi. Therefore, they mainly chant Daimoku. They don't read the Lotus sutra, the true teachings of the Buddha Shakyamuni. Nichiren shounin says that Daimoku is the most important, because it is the vital of the chapter 16(the Measure of Life of the Tathagata), of the Lotus sutra. And Nichiren shonin says that the Buddha Shakyamuni has given Daimoku for us with his everythings. Also Nichiren shonin say that the Buddha Shakyamuni has entrusted us with spreading Daimoku for everyone. So, we need to be thankful for the Buddha Shakyamuni, the eternal Buddha as we are chanting Daimoku. HBS denies the writings of Nichiren. HBS denies that every Nichiren's works are explanations about the Lotus sutra. Daimoku is a very good medicine. If you chant Daimoku with honest faith to the Lotus sutra, you can get the effect of the Lotus sutra. The Lotus sutra is not merely statements of virtues. The Lotus sutra is not a list of benefits of a medical prescription only.

>Nissen Shonin said;gRiciting the Lotus Sutra is now senseless. Only the Odaimoku is essential. People who only read and recite the Lotus Sutra in this world are foolish as using the light in daytime. If one has the time to read and recite the Lotus Sutra, use it to chant the Odaimoku."
Nichiren shonin said that you can get benefits by only chanting Daimoku. It is right. But Nichiren shonin has not said that riciting the Lotus Sutra is now senseless.

Nichiren shonin recited the Lotus sutra and explained the Lotus sutra for us. But Nichiren shonin also say that only Daimoku is necessary for those who protest against the Buddha Shakyamuni, and say that you should not preach the Lotus sutra for them. Because preaching the Lotus sutra and other sutras are useless for those who protest against the Buddha Shakyamuni.

>Q. Why is the figure of Shakamuni Buddha not displayed.
>A. It is because HBS's object of worship is Namumyohorengekyo, the Odaimoku Manadala and not Sakyamuni Buddha.

LooK. HBS denies worshipping the Buddha Shakyamuni against Nichiren's teachings clearly.

>Other Buddhist sects, such as the Jodo]shu, the Shingon]shu and the Tendai]shu may display statues of their respective Buddhas, such as Amida Buddha, Dainichi Buddha, or Yakushi Buddha because their object of worship is Buddha.

Look. HBS ignores that all other Buddhas are manifestations of the eternal Buddha Shakyamuni.

>Shakyamuni Buddha, who was born approximately 2600 years ago, based his object of worship on the eternal life of the universe (Myoho).Other Buddhas became Buddhas also by awakening to the eternal life of the universe.

Look. HBS says like SGI that the Buddha Shakyamuni worshiped the eternal life of the universe. It is not Buddhism. It is Brahmanism that worships the God of universe. HBS denies the truth that the Buddha Sakyamuni is the eternal Buddha. In Buddhism, we receive the truth of the universe, the true dharma, realized by the Buddha Shakyamuni and his lessons.

>Therefore, Myoho is more sacred, supreme, and respected than Buddha.In the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha stated, gThere is no need to display the statue of Buddha or ashes of Buddha because the spirits of Buddha are enshrined in the Myoho (Fine Dharma)".

We can not attain enlightenment by worshipping the life of universe. We don't have capability to realize the truth of the universe ourself like the Buddha. We can attain enlightenment by keeping the true dharma which is given by the eternal Buddha Shakyamuni. HBS distorts the Lotus sutra. The Buddha Shakyamuni stated,"There is no need to display the statue of Buddha or ashes of Buddha, because if you believe and keep the Lotus sutra, I am always with you".

>The Odaimoku Mandala inscribed by Nichiren Shonin is Myoho itself. For reason mentioned above, one can comprehend why the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha is not displayed.

HBS don't read Nichiren's important works such as Kanjin Honzon sho, then they make wrong doctrines. HBS says that the Buddha Shakyamuni and other Buddhas described in Mandara Honzon are worshipping Daimoku(Myoho). A part of Nichiren shu says also same things. Mandara is the representation of the assembly on the vulture Peak where the Buddha Shakyamuni gives us Daimoku(Myoho). It means that all of beings are embraced by the benevolence of the eternal Buddha Shakyamuni. It means that the eternal Buddha Shakyamuni makes efforts to manage the universe. Please believe that, this eternal Buddha Shakyamuni exists in the universe and your mind. There is no difference between the universe which you see and your mind.

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